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Our initiative is now supported by ETHICAL TRAVEL PORTAL, who offered a special feature in their Ethical Travel Inspiration. So think no further and apply for the Green Microphone Award now. This will give you a chance to be our monthly winner and so be featured on both pages. Every month, until the World Tourism Day on 27th of September 2019, we will give a chance to one tourist guide, who will  present his or her story on Ethical Travel Inspiration and so promote his or her work and destination.

Green Microphone Award participants with:

- short description

- thier contribution to the profession of tourist guide



I am currently involved with Joe and Mike’s Virtual Tours Of Scotland. On occasion around 15k on Facebook Live. We present these videos weekly.
2014 : Qualified as a Scottish Blue Badge Tourist Guide through Edinburgh University. Since then leading walking, driver guided and extended coach tours all over Scotland. I have a special interest in guiding music and art based tours.
2012 - 2014 : Worked as a city guide on open-topped tourist buses in Edinburgh. Edinburgh Bus Tours.
1994 - 2012 :  Worked as a professional musician : bagpipes. Various events 
1994 - 2012 :  Worked as an artist - painter. Various exhibitions and residencies.
1979 - 1994 :  High School Teacher, teaching Art and Art History
1973 - 1979 :  Student at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art. Graduating in 1979.  Drawing and Painting.

I work within the guidelines of the STGA ( Scottish Tourist Guides Association ) which encourages responsible tourism and small group tours in the light of Covid19.  It is my practice to be a safe guide, highlighted by the virtual tours I am carrying out at the moment and physically distancing from my colleague.  I am keeping Scotland in the minds of prospective visitors through these tours but not encouraging people to visit until it is safer. I am commenting on the benefit of smaller groups and hiring a qualified professional guide also to heighten safety as well as protect the area from over-tourism which can be a big problem in a relatively small city such as Edinburgh.

I am currently promoting responsible, sustainable  tourism through virtual walking tours of Edinburgh. In this way prospective visitors are delaying physical visits but being kept informed of how the city and its residents are performing through the current pandemic. We as locals use the tours to showcase our beautiful historic city but stray off the well trodden routes to avoid highly populated areas in normal times. Our guiding working as a team of two highlights social distancing, hand sanitising and mask wearing at times.

CONTACT:  Tel +44(0)7952 611416


Originally from Austria, Resi fell in love with Barcelona as a university student and soon returned after graduating. She originally studied translation, has a masters degree in cultural communication and got into guiding after years of showing friends round the city informally as she decided she wanted to make a career out of her passion. She passed the exam to become an officially licensed guide for Catalonia in 2012 and has been working and continuing her training ever since.

Her idea of the profession of a guide is not to only share the history and culture of Catalonia with the visitors of the region, but also show and explain how the locals live, what problems and challenges they face and how visitors can contribute to a more sustainable tourism, especially in the city of Barcelona, for example by choosing official accommodation or supporting local businesses. She advocates for small group sizes and respectful behaviour towards the local population to ensure a positive experience for both sides.  

Resi offers a wide array of tours in and outside of Barcelona, more classical ones about the famous Art Nouveau architecture of Barcelona or the old town of Barcelona, but also more unusual ones focusing on the Spanish Civil War, Pablo Picasso’s relationship with the city or the innovation district 22@. 

Upon the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis, she took the course on becoming a certified virtual tour guide to reinvent herself and has started incorporating virtual tours in her portfolio, like a virtual visit to the landmark church Sagrada Familia. 

If you want to find out more Resi and the tours she offers, you can have a look at her website or drop her an email at You will also find her on Instagram (@resisbarcelona) and Facebook (Resis Barcelona). 



My name is Myo Min Zaw and I'm Italian and English speaking tour guide.I  have been a professional tour guide for 20 years in Myanmar Tourism Industry, I met many tourist from different countries and I had interesting experience which motivated me to stay in the industry and improve myself. I feel that I'm exactly where I always wanted to be. I am still working as a responsible tour guide especially for Italian responsible tourism tour operators. 

On the other hand I founded the Tourism For All, Myanmar community to support essential service in Myanmar tourism, such as by donating rubbish bins, First Aid Kits. We also provide essential education tools to the monastic school, educating local people about public health, campaign in areas of tourist and non touristic sites. 

Another one of my contributions is Recycled Paper bag campaign with MTGA (Myanmar Tour Guide Association). The campaign is active all over Myanmar and it helps to reduce the plastic bag from tourist sites, We made the campaign especially for small shops who sell small products to tourist. Now around about 10000 recycled paper bags are beeing used in tourist sites of Myanmar. 

In 2015, I got the scholarship in Italy to attend tha Advance training course for tourism development in rural areas and after the scholarship I started the Inle Canoe Lady (boutique canoe service) project to give the part time jobs for low income women who are working in cheroot workshop. Now that a project is 1 and a half years old, I already created 1500 canoe trips thus offering 1500 part time jobs for women empowerment at Inle lake of Myanmar. For that project I got the PPIC (Product and package Innovation Competition) Award 2015 and Myanmar Responsible Tourism Award 2018. 

As a responsible tourism tour guide I still participate in the responsible tourism activities like Bagan plastic campaign, supporting monastic education and library program, supporting free clinic program, supporting Repopulation of fish at Inle lake program and many others during the tours. 

My small own project is One Tourist, One Tree,One village. With my tourist we carry the one tree for one village to share the environmental benefit, social benefit and economic benefit between local and tourist. I love beeing a responsible tourism tour guide.


I have been working as a field guide/nature guide in Africa particularly Kenya. I have always shared my love of nature and wildlife to my guests. I believe whom ever I guided during their visit to Africa, remains good ambassadors for conservation in every corner. Moreover I have introduced cycling whenever possible and walking safaris to minimize impact on land and pollution and bust less visited destinations.

I try to promote cultural exchanges program for letting my guests interact with the locals.

I have started a green movement to plant trees in local schools and donating sanitary towels to girls in schools most of which could not afford that, as they have no accessibility to this important commodity since most schools are in the rural areas.

My contribution to the profession of tourist guide: having started my own safaris company;(Africa kwenia safaris) I am deeply committed to the renaissance of Africa, its wildlife and all its people. I believe that Africa heritage of wild land and animals should be recognized as the continent's most precious natural resource because the reward of wildlife and nature conservation can be reaped in sustainability through multi-use tourism, benefiting not only travelers but also the land, rural communities and indeed the whole world. By creating exceptional adventure destinations and safaris in the natural kingdom of Kenya where no other safari company is doing it. 

Africa Kwenia safaris not only offers our guest an experience that promises to reawaken the soul, through this encounter we also aim to capture the imagination of the world's  discerning travelers  of all ages and promotes greater consciousness of the possibilities and responsibilities of eco-tourism on this great continent. I have always believed every guest embarking on an adventure with us plays an important part in our dream to create a model in wise land management, integrating international travelers and rural people to their mutual benefit and demonstrating that wildlife can be conserved on sustainable basis by all. My 'guests 'role in this dream,as its economic turbine and often as future ambassadors galvanizes real hope for advancement and the permanent re-establishment of the planet's threatened species and wild space! Conserve Nature for a better Tomorrow!

Short bio: I grew  up and was raised up in polygamy family in the remote dusty plains of Kajiado in Kenya walking to school 20 km daily bare footed and looking after the cattle. I started to learn about wildlife at a young age and so my passion for wildlife developed further and I joined guiding school in Kenya and later on in South Africa. Guiding is my passion and my job I love to do that on everyday basis.

Africa Kwenia Safaris:  email info@kweniasafaris/ phone:+254723412871/+254768727721.

Kwenia is a Masai word meaning smile :-)


Stig is a local guide for Ethical Travel Portal for most of the local walks in Oslo, and the feedback he is getting from his travellers is outstanding. His local knowledge is superb, and he constantly contributes to create better experiences for the travellers, in a mindful way. 

His knowledge about the history, culture and tradition is huge. His walks are also based on giving it from a local perspective, and he is not afraid of adapting the walk as what is suiting the traveller better after they have met. Stig showcase a city beyond the surface. Letting people get to know the city as a local, by connecting people and culture and getting the insight to the daily life that can not be read in a book.

Stig does walking tours only, so no transport included. If so, it is with the local transportation. It is his own neighbourhood he is showing the travellers. When recommending a place to eat, drink or go for a coffee he emphasises on recommending and visiting cafés and restaurants serving local slow food, and most likely have their own micro brewery!

He is a certified Oslo Guide. Stig has for sure proven that is he reliable, treats all travellers with respect and at the end of the walk he has become much more than a guide - he became your friend. He is adaptable and presents the city and local people in a way that gives travellers a proper local insight. He also always go the extra mile to give recommendations.
His email: , Tel: +47 41 69 84 88


Douglas begins each tour with a morning chat on the importance of recycling and picking up litter with his passengers. He leads by example by diligently recycling and picking up litter himself. When Douglas takes passengers on the Up Helly Aa 6 day tour that he created 12 years ago, he takes them out to a beach on Shetland to spend a morning picking up litter. The passengers enjoy this as they feel as if they are doing something good for Scotland, and it doesn’t hurt that Douglas makes it more enjoyable with his picnic hamper of tea and biscuits. He has picked up discarded wellies (waterproof boots) after a music festival and delivered them to a city farm in Edinburgh, and he has picked up a couple of whisky barrels to give to the Gorgie City Farm to use as planters. Douglas is on the Green Team (CSR) for Radical Travel and has been instrumental in helping the company attain its Gold Award for a second time. Douglas was the spokesperson for the Green Team during our last evaluation.

Douglas grew up in Galashiels in Scotland and feels such affinity for the area that he chooses to continue to live in this village. In Galashiels Dougie stays busy enjoying time with his family and working in his garden located within an allotment. Douglas has created a walking club, Scottish Borders Walks, six months ago on Facebook for people to get together and see the countryside. Douglas is very generous with his time and will donate a helping hand when he can.

Douglas Johnston has been a guide with Radical Travel since 13 March 2000 and since that time has also become an Ops Supervisor & PCV Trainer. Douglas still guides tours, as showing others his beloved Scotland is his passion which is displayed through the way he prepares and conducts his tours. For his Up Helly Aa tour in Shetland, Douglas typically grows out his beard and wears his Viking hat. Douglas’s friendly and easy-going nature has enabled him to have strong rapport with some of the Up Helly Aa festival’s Jarls, which then enables his passengers to see the Viking galley boat in its shed before it is taken away to be burned as well as meet some of the Jarls. When he takes a group of passengers to Saint Andrews tour, Douglas will have golf clubs on hand, so their picture may be taken on the Old Course.

Being an Operations Supervisor in addition to being a guide enables Douglas to teach those newly hired how to be an amazing guide. He teaches them: his knowledge and stories, how to drive in a fuel efficient manner, to encourage their passengers to be responsible tourists by picking up litter ,recycling and being respectful of village residents , and to enjoy their job of guiding. This leads to another group of guides ready to help their passengers create happy memories of Scotland, and to have the locations on the tour routes happy to have our coaches stop by.


For Michael Borio, being a tour guide is not only living a passion through the work he does, it is much more. It is a personal commitment and his life mission to contribute to sustainable development of the region, deeper understanding of history and culture of Bavaria with engaging visitors on all levels.

First, his knowledge of history, geography, culture, art, economy, contemporary life as well as all the curiosities and secret stories is combined into an hours long rhetorical and performative show, where the tourists are part of his amazing spectacle. During this unforgettable and life changing experience, tourists will inevitably change the way they think about the profession of tour guide.

Second, tourists of very different backgrounds are immersed into Bavarian culture in a way that they appreciate the past, understand the present and are looking forward to connecting in the future with Bavarian cultural heritage and people. The way he paints his cultural heritage with his outstanding rhetorical capacity and communication competence does make people change their behaviour and believes.

Third, with his wide knowledge, he is always aware of his power of leading the tourist and he uses it to support authentic local experiences, accelerate wider local economy, protect the environment and cultural heritage.

Last but not least, his contribution through the work of a tour guide on the professional as well as on a personal level is always focused on and dedicated to reducing inequalities, supporting responsible consumption and contributing to peace and friendship among different nations and cultures.


I am a maasai girl who grew up in Arusha Tanzania. I am now 25 years. Our family is build up with 5 members. I graduated my Certificate in Tour guide in 2013 and joined a German college in 2015.
I am a tour guide who has devoted all my tour guide knowledge towards the conservation of our flora and fauna by  protecting through providing education to the cummunity around.
I have contributed to influence other women to engage in tour guide sector. Most of the women believe that to be a tour guide you must be a man because of the long drive and community which neglect women to work.

I as an example i have inspired many women to join in this sector .I started my Guide career 2016 working as a German & English briefer. This gave me a chance to meet many groups of clients and build self confidence to speak and adress to mass group.
With the ongoing tour guide career I now inspire other women to join into the profession.


I consider it my life mission to introduce people to Austrian lifestyle and culture and try to “infect” them with the love, respect and heritage that I have towards my own country, thus changing their perspectives as well. I have been a profesional tourist guide  in Greece and Autria for almost 20 years, changing people's perspective of those places and doing my bit of responsible tourism all along.

Through tourism, we as tourist guides can help to contribute greatly towards the development of the wider area. Through our work, we support the local practices, products, the local artisans, musicians, and through that, we benefit our visitors, our destination and ourselves.

Tourism can be a force for good, but even in Austria in some places, we already see a bit of overcrowding. And sometimes, because of the cultural differences, people are unaware of the local customs and traditions. That is why I believe, guests should be properly trained and informed, so that while visiting the country they can adjust to the local culture. I see myself as a bridge builder between the cultures and I see tourist guides as cultural ambassadors of a country.


I was born and raised in the Aegean islands though my family comes from Arcadia – a mountain region in the heart of the Peloponnese. The experience of childhood in a rural area has been and still is my greatest motivation to connect with everyday life using senses and imagination.

I studied International Law, Business Administration, Tourism Management and Body Psychotherapy. The business tools, the human aspect of law and the psychological methods of understanding, encouraged me even more to approach nature, cultural heritage and local communities, seeking unique ways to share my passion for them.

For the last ten years I have been working in the Greek and Spanish tourism industry, in cooperation with hotels, companies, educational institutions, public and private Greek schools, travel agencies, mountain refuges and municipalities, designing and implementing experiences in Greece for children, families, people with disabilities, students, special interest groups, conference’ committees and local communities.

I am a certified mountain leader in Greece, and an award leader for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme, working with students in social service, cultural activity and educational projects in the Greek natural environment.In 2018 I started my own company organizing and implementing cultural hiking tours and other conceptual outdoor and culture oriented programs with direct return on the local economy. Heritage interpretation came as a catalyst giving ‘flesh and blood’ not only to the way I work but also to my vision of connecting worlds.


I graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica in 1998 and after my studies I did various office jobs. However, the value of tourism that I discovered during my two-year experience in one tourist agency inspired my efforts to continue my tourism story.

From 2011 to 2016, I was engaged as a Project Coordinator on numerous projects in the tourism industry. The results of these successfully-accomplished, cross-border projects are regional thematic trails and new tourism products such as the Via Dinarica, Shkoder / Skadar Lake Ethno-gastronomic Route and Honey Routes through Durmitor and Herzegovina. These activities were funded by the European Union within the IPA CBC Programmes.

Then, as a tourism development expert, I was engaged by several NGOs, local and national authorities, to develop the feasibility studies and strategies of some national and cross-border destinations – the Cijevna River (2014), Šasko Lake (2015) and the regional initiative Tur.Grate2 (2014). In addition, I was a member of the expert team engaged in the action to develop the projects of setting up thematic trails in national parks in Montenegro (2015).

I am now working as a hiking guide licensed by the Montenegrin Mountaineering Association. Through creating and leading hiking tours, I present my country – its nature, people, their lifestyle, gastronomy, products, history, culture and tradition. At the same time, I support local people to earn from tourism as well as from agriculture, and make sure that tourists from all over the world have a great experience. In that way I contribute to the sustainability of the projects I was engaged in.  


Is a native from Arusha and a descendent of the Maasai tribe in Tanzania. He finished the Tropical Institute for tourism in Arusha, Tanzania and has been slowly making his way up to become a tourist guide.  Today he is well respected among his peers, as he worked his way up from being a porter on Kilimanjaro, then he was allowed to pass the license to become assistant guide on Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru. He has hosted many guests on their experiences in Tanzania, which range from mountain climbing to the top of Africa – Kilimanjaro, to the wilderness safaris, which people come to see from all over the world. The qualifications of Suju Mollel don’t end here. He is also trained as a First Aid Responder and is licensed by the Tanzania Park Authority. So even if you are not on a tour with him, you might just end up with him, if your life will need to be saved.

 Let’s hear it from Suju: “I am able to offer personally guided safaris in a custom built game viewing vehicle to a vast array of stunning wildlife locations across East Africa. I can help with you to design an itinerary that caters to your specific wildlife and photography interests as well as your duration and budget. Some of my popular trips include witnessing the spectacular Wildebeest migration in the famous and well documented Serengeti National park in Tanzania (Also the location of many BBC Natural history productions) and where you also have the opportunity to spend time in the company of the magnificent big cats and also other equally fascinating endemic mammal and bird life. Alternatively, (or combined with the Serengeti) visit locations in either Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. With my intimate experience of these areas and in-depth knowledge of the endemic wildlife, I will ensure you have the safari of a lifetime with memories that will last forever”.


I live in Venice, Italy and I am a professional touristic guide since 2010 and a tour leader since 1985.
My opinion is that only sustainable tourism can rescue cities like mine underdone to a very big touristic impact. All my tours are eco friendly: small groups all equipped with whispers to avoid acoustic pollution. the earpieces are recycled. WE WALK instead of using busses or motorboats, or we use gondolas.
With every tour I explain to my guests what the issues of Venice are according to pollution: the big cruise ships, the non catalysed engines of the boat, the wave motion and the solutions. I invite my guests to fill their bottles with public water from the tap or from the fountains on the streets instead of buying more plastic...and, very important, to respect the fragile balance between the 50.000 local population and the almost 30.000.000 touristic one.

I did my studies in Venice, at our University Ca Foscari. I am historian specialized in the Middle Ages of Venice. Only with a university degree you have access to what was one of the hardest exams ever: the license of Touristic Guide of your hometown.
Previously I was a a tour leader for the national territory (exam required as well). My high school studies were focused on touristic business as well.


Being a tourist guide is a perfect fit for my restless nature and the love I have for travel and my country.

My goal as a guide is to keep Slovenia as a destination and as my home country as clean and as preserved as possible. I like to make sure that people I come in contact with know about the importance of nature conservation and how their impact can be more positive. I like to take people to local sustainable businesses and share the local knowledge. It is important for people to meet and learn from people who live at the destination, so they can respect and cherish it more.

The best tip I can offer to a traveller in Slovenia: pick a place you cannot pronounce, go there and ask the locals what is there to see. Adventure guaranteed!


Vive Berlin was founded by dedicated tour guides in 2009. United in diversity, we are 23 members from around the world, which make us the cooperative with the largest amount of immigrants in Germany. Our large variety of tours by foot or bike, by coach or car are available in 8 languages and on 365 days a year. And all have just one goal: to show everyone interested our exciting capital city Berlin. 

We don’t show our guests Berlin but make them experience the historic and modern changes of the city, explore it together and make it comprehensible. We perceive our work as a conveyance of historical coherences, as education in progressive tradition because we believe that Berlin and its history offer a unique opportunity to reflect on German and European history of the 20th century and its present. We are aware of the negative impact of tourism and gentrification and we bring awareness and respect for the local cultures. We are accessible for everybody. We have specialized and qualified Guides for guiding blind people and we are proud to offer tours which can be made by people on wheelchair.

Why should we be awarded with Green Microphone?
We live fairness. We live responsibility. We live solidarity. Vive Berlin is a locally enrooted enterprise which was developed as a cooperative by its independent members. As a cooperative, we share our knowledge, but also the profits of the company on a fair base. We developed a network based on solidarity. All our members see their work as a passion, a vocation with high claims to quality and individuality. We are committed Berliners with a profound factual knowledge and an affinity for our city. A small example of our strong relation with the city can be found in a small side street in Stadtmitte, which through our involvement has been changed forever. It began with a Vive Berlin guided tour through the Spandauer Vorstadt. Subsequently, our cooperative engaged itself in the reunification of 23 family members from 3 different continents . Among them was a Holocaust survivor who returned to his place of birth after 90 years and visited some of the locations of his childhood with us. In remembrance of this family’s tragic experiences and its individual members personal stories six stumbling stones were laid down in 2017. 


I have two careers at the moment, which are being a cycling tour guide and martial arts trainer. I have clear objectives in both of my careers, of course, everybody wants to make a difference in the world and be a compassionate human being in society. But, a lot of people do not have to be able to do that, because they are trapped in a fixed idea and social expectations that society wants them to be; therefore, they can hurt others unintentionally and due to their troubles that they have inside of them. The difference that I want to make in this world is to protect Mother Nature, and combat pharmaceuticals that make a lot of people fall ill. In Thailand, mass tourism is the biggest industry here and our economy is very dependent on it, however, our nature is diminishing on a really high rate due to the mismanagement of our tourism industry. We have beautiful geography, and we are well known for our beautiful islands and beaches, unfortunately, a lot of our beaches are infested with plastic and trash. My country allows too many people to visit these beautiful places because money has diluted our society. My previous King, everyone loved him so much because he taught Thailand to live sustainably, unfortunately, a lot of Thais have forgotten that. I became a cycling tour guide and martial arts trainer, Just to promote sustainability and combat human greed. In the modern day, money means everything and It is destroying of what it is to be human and to be able to connect with other humans. As a tour guide, I have to connect strangers with the locals in Thailand and I have countless times broadened my clients’ minds. I use cycling tours as a tool to promote sustainable travel and as a tool of connecting with others and nature. Through cycling, it allows the person to be more in touch and connected to the outside world rather than staying in an office or a car. As a cyclist myself, I want to share my experiences to my clients that cycling can be such a beautiful experience, and you feel more connected with the world. I have cycled to many places and many of them are so beautiful and I wish everyone could see it.

Also, where I'm from in Thailand, which is Bangkok, we are not a really cycling friendly city at all, Bangkok people have a love-hate relationship with driving their car in order to show their social status in society and they become in debt with the bank in order to pay their taxes and other things related to their car. They do not see the long-term effects of being on a bicycle, it is so much healthier, sustainable, and eco-friendly. In Thailand a 12 year old knows how to drive a car and they drive their car illegally without a license, but that you do not try to learn the long-term skills that they need.You would be surprised how very little people here can cycle on my level on my level. However, it has gradually become so much better over the recent years Thai people are going back to their sustainable roots. Though, globalization and modernization are allowing a lot of traditional and cultural practices amongst local communities to diminish. There are very specific communities now that you can experience specific of practices, and they can be very hard to travel to. This is the ugly truth about my country even though I love it, but I wish to change my people's minds about being able to possess sustainable habits. Our country has a long way to go but I believe it will change one day and it will become better. Nobody will be seeing plastics flying in the air or floating in the ocean in Thailand one day. I will fight until all animals, insects, and everyone else in my country and can live happily. 

Regarding my journey in martial arts, I have dysthymia or persistent depressive disorder, and I fell back into it for 2 years and within one of the years I started my journey into martial arts. I always was trying to find the principles and the practices which were practical and would always help me lift my spirit; then I found Wing Chun Kung Fu based in Bangkok, and my Kung Fu Master. The practices have lifted me from my dysthymia, even though I can relapse into it from time to time, I am able to lift myself up from my demons better with a stronger will now. I still have a long journey to go for reconnecting myself back to my spirit, and regain my empathy for humanity. I have been struggling for two years now to empathize and, sometimes sympathize. I have forgotten to understand other people’s emotions, and connect with them. When I'm ready, I will go to a Shaolin temple, learn their discipline and teachings in order to reconnect with myself; and protect the world and my loved ones. I will keep training in martial arts until I die in order to protect humanity and Mother Nature. In order to connect to the world, you must disconnect it from in order to reconnect yourself and reconnect with the world in order to connect everyone together.

And as well as I will keep pedalling my bike until I can inspire as many as I can for sustainable development and sustainability.

Why should I win the green microphone award? To be honest, I do not really mind not winning it. I just want to share my passion and what I'm doing for my country in order to inspire other tour guides, and perhaps allow them to feel inspired by my story. I just wish to express my passion and my objectives in this world. I want the whole world to know there are many ways out, and more sustainable solutions than just working so hard night and day just to try and earn some dollars that don't even last in your pocket. And I am just a tour guide and a martial artist that just wants to improve humanity and save it from its greed. Thank you for reading my short bio and I hope I can make a voice in Europe too.


Una is a volunteer and board member of the Ring of Gullion Landscape Partnership in South Armagh Northern Ireland, she is an incredibly involved member of the community of the area and has history in her blood, being the daughter of a local historian. Una has developed a full day coach tour of the Ring of Gullion area and over the past 3 summers has run this once or twice a week.  Additionally she runs bespoke tours for groups on request. The tour allows visitors to experience the breathtaking scenery and the rich natural, archaeological and cultural heritage of an area that until recently was avoided by most tourists because of its bleak history in the recent "troubles" in Northern Ireland. South Armagh was known as "bandit country" but almost single handedly Una has changed this perception of this unique area.

Una has also worked tirelessly to preserve and promote the use of townland names in the area, townlands are a unique category of place names, some of which date back to the Iron age. Una has written a booklet aimed at primary school children and has provided an education programme for every 10-11 year old in the district showing them how to trace their ancestors and the importance of townland placenames in their heritage she is also currently working on a new booklet listing the origins of all the townland names in South Armagh.

Una also helps run a winterschool each year dedicated to Michael J Murphy a local writer from the 1900's. Michael J was instrumental in popularising the heritage of South Armagh and was incredibly forward thinking and a strong social and political campaigner. The winterschool attracts over 100 people every year to take part in the three day event. She has also taken an active part in our Lúnasa Festival which runs throughout the month of August and our Solstice Festival during December and she is developing a tourism product for the area based on the ancient celtic Quarter Days.

Addtionally Una has helped us to deliver a programme of training for other tour guides called the Gullion Ambassadors programme training more than 50 people from all walks of life to deliver guided tours around their countryside, in this way she is spreading the word of the wonder of our area of Ireland.


I love my city. I love the way it transformed from a sleepy capital into a vibrant, appealing, green tourist destination that still manages to keep all of its unique charm, carefree soul and enchanting character. But most of all I love how it always brings out a smile on visitors face, even though the weather on that particular day was absolutely horrible. 

I became a tourist guide purely by accident. With a little bit too much free time on my hands I decided to get to know my birthplace better by attending a course for local tourist guides over ten years ago.  I started getting groups and discovered it is the most rewarding job in the world. Sharing my love of the city, showing the people around local markets and trying the best local produce, explaining about rich cultural heritage and how it made the city to be what it is today. And most importantly, hearing the sentence "how lucky are you, living in this amazing city" over and over again. I always try to show the hidden corners, tell the stories that can not be found in any guidebooks and point out places where they can get the best local experience. Don't be fooled by the size-Ljubljana has plenty of those to offer, you just need to know where to look. And everything looks even better, with a glass of delicious local wine in your hand. Na zdravje!


I think I was born to be a local guide! It took me a while to find my real vocation but my love for Lake Como finally opened my eyes.  It is essential for me to transmit with passion the amazing history of my places, allow  my guests to size the essence of our culture and let them understand the artistic and social value of the monuments I’m showing them. It is not difficult when you are surrounded by the beauty of our lake! My happiness is showing other people our famous attractions but also some secluded parts of the area, places they would never find by themselves, talking about people that have been related to my place and had an important role in history. I live in Italy, food is essential to us and I like to transmit a little bit of my love for good food and wine also giving good suggestions. I’m always happy to provide an experience to my guests, my priority is letting them go home with a strong desire of coming back.

By the way: when you visit Lake Como, before or after the most famous places, take some time to get lost in a couple of medieval villages embroidering the lake, like Nesso or San Giovani and, I promise, you will be surprised! 


Als leidenschaftliche Stadtführerin zeige ich Ihnen das einzigartige Flair dieser Stadt. Eintauchen mit allen Sinnen zum Entdecken der faszinierenden Sehenswürdigkeiten und verborgenen Kleinode. Den Zauber Münchens erleben und genießen, das zum unvergesslichen Erlebnis wird. Ein wahres Vergnügen an originellen Geschichten und Historie bereiten dem Gast eine Wohlfühlatmosphäre.

Mir liegt es am Herzen, Ihnen die "kulturelle Vielfalt Bayerns" zu vermitteln und bewahren. Tradition und Brauchtum Bayerns kennenlernen und wertschätzen.
Eintauchen in die "griabige Lebensart" mit bayerischer Gemütlichkeit. Erleben und geniessen Sie einen "München-Zauber", wo es noch authentisch ist und Seele hat.
Mit Münchner Charme und Begeisterung führe ich meine Gäste unterhaltsam mit originellen Anekdoten und Historie.

Petra Draskovic, Switzerland, USA, Croatia

I should be  awarded with Green Microphone 2018 for all the engagement on event organizing for the promotion of sustainable tourism (we at organize #faircrawls where we explore sustainable tourism around the world).

I have been very active as a tourist guide, both in Croatia, my home country, Switzerland, my studying country and US, Mexico and Peru for collaborating with sustainable tourism guides in those countries in order to create a library for sustainable practices in tourism (

A journalism graduate, studying digital humanities and very much in love with communicating about the efforts people are investing in keeping our beautiful planet clean and livable for future generations. Avid traveller, but very responsible about the waste I produce, I found a group of people that have the same attitude towards solutions in sustainable tourism.
Mahmoud Shaaban Abdelghany,  Brandenburg, Germany

I have had a full time understanding of how fun is made by the lessons learned while my work for the Red Sea Holidays with British tourists in addition to the variety of activities done with the group and also my background as a normal class and the promotion through many higher classes life styles made it easy for me to communicate with my guest and my curiosity and adventure brought me the greatest moments of pleasure with my groups.   

Again my ability to guide locally before actually doing tours myself as training gave me the opportunity to get a fast growing career with a guiding ability across the four cardinal points of my country. During my safari trips, sustainable fun practices like swimming in the hot springs and discovering the geological formations across the white deserts and the black desert was a major point for a healthy tourism practices. 
Giving tourist the space to feel at home and experience social activities like communicating with locals was a plus through my career. 

-Social and interpersonal intelligence is part of the job
-Sense the group needs by expecting to be a teacher a nurse a friend narrator and alot more 
-Helped new wave of students to get in the tourism industry
-Talks on the local European Radio about Nubia and other unique community across the country   

I am a tour guidance graduate of Helwan University in the heart of Cairo and was raised up in an area where social skills were taught as you walk deal and talk with the densely populated area and my early travel to one of the biggest tourist destination by the Red Sea brought me a great skill to understand the tourism industry. I love table tennis and i was always to get my tourist share a game with me and i would dare to go discover the sightseeing myself to understand and be part of the community then i could be the right asset while touring with my tourists.
Dubravko Fijacko - Max, tourist guide Zagreb, Croatia

After years in marketing and working on a radio as a journalist, morning host and music editor, I decided some 6 years ago to work as a tour guide. Since then, I have been preparing and leading tailor-made cultural and food tours. OK, more food tours! :-)

For me, it was almost natural to move in the direction of responsible tourism, because I have always worked with small groups, where we can have a much better contact and communication. I have always cooperated with local producers, farmers and experts. Right now I'm also preparing the program of workshops for locals who want to be part of responsible and sustainable tourism, using local tradition, culture and habits.

I should be awarded with Green Microphone 2018 because I am not only giving the guests an unforgettable experience of my destination through the eyes of a local, but also give them local vibe. I show them "the real thing", including real interactions with local people, to experience a destination as locals do (even with local issues). The guests get to understand the local community and have respect for local culture ,tradition and nature. But it's not just about information, it is also about being hands on. Which will make the travelers undesrstand the local culture better. Plus, we should never forget to have fun. After all, our guests are on vacation.