Green microphone award

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As we always aim to promote responsible and sustainable tourist guiding it is our duty and honour at the same time to recognize the efforts and work of all tourist guides who are connecting Worlds every day through their stories and guiding.

Tourist guides are cultural brokers, sustainability communicators, unforgettable experience creators, educators and ambassadors of sustainable tourism for all. They are voice of responsible tourism.

On 27th of September 2018, on World Tourism Day, the first tourist guide, voice of responsible tourism, was awarded the Green Microphone Award in the ceremony in Ljubljana, Slovenia. You can check out the video of the ceremony on the FB page G-Guides. In 2019 the winner was Myo Min Zaw from Myanmar. In 2020 we had two winners of the Green Mcriophone Award: Mike Turpie from Scotland and Resi Nickl from Spain.

On 27th of September 2021, on World Tourism Day, we will again hold the ceremony for the Green Microphone Award. 
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You can apply in 2 different categories: INDIVIDUAL or AS PART OF AN ORGANISATION (ASSOCIATION).



Co-founder of G-Guides and designated CEO (Chief Experience Officer) in charge of experience creation. Customer satisfaction and connection with the destinations is her mission, which is accomplished every time she is able to connect a tourist with a local. You will never be just a visitor again, when she will be your guide. If you want to go from sightseeing to life experiencing, you have the guide you are looking for. 


Maja is co-founder of G-Guides and trainer, accredited by WFTGA (affiliate member of UNWTO in operational relations with UNESCO) and postgraduate student of Resposnible tourism in UK. She will turn every learning experience into adventure and will make you change the way you think, behave and act, after you attend her training. The art of tourist guiding is the art of communication on the highest level for her and she will show you how to achive it.


As founder and manager of Secret Zagreb, Iva created more than a dozen creative tours and activities, mostly based in her home town of Zagreb. Her tours rely on storytelling and expanding the usual tourist routes.  She is Interpret Europe's certified interpretive guide and guide trainer, and a passionate promotor of lifelong education for guides in fields of sustainability and heritage interpretation. Her main goal is to help people connect with her country, to lock it deep in their hearts and never ever find the key.